Sunday, October 4, 2009

Decorating ADD

Okay....after not blogging for the better part of the year, I'm back.  Gina from the Shabby chic Cottage has put up a 10 things in 10 days decorating completion challenge  
 and I'm in.  Here is what I hope to complete so far...

  • First and foremost is I need to pick-up and clean my house enough to pull out the fall decorations.
  • I want to put together and paint some stuff I thrifted to make pedestals.
  • sew up the bathroom shower curtain I've had partially finnished for some time
  • Frame and hang up my giant fork
  • Paint the outside garage door and install the doorknob
  • paint the end table in the kids bathroom
  • Hang the kids handprint pictures
  • paint the basement banister
  • order the kitchen trim
  • Re-pot the peace lilly in the dining room (it's decorative---a half dead peace plant is not an attracive room feature)
Here's hoping....